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About us

Coaster-Count is the very first world wide platform for counting roller coasters including traveling coasters, alpine coasters and offering a wide range of different filter methods. By January 2014 Coaster-Count is a single, non-profit project and is no longer supported by the roller coaster community


To participate in the count you have to register with Coaster-Count. It is free and just takes a few seconds.

Coaster data and counting

The data is based on the roller coaster database RCDB at Each track is counted separately, even mobius tracks (which you have to ride several times to ride the whole track). Identical coasters are marked and only count once, nevertheless you can mark different locations or different theming separately. Some people may not want to count alpine, butterfly, powered coasters, water coasters or undefined coasters, you can filter them out. See our help sections for more details.

Our mates

Data administration

Bob Sled
Bruno Baumeister
Duane Marden
George Greenway
Thomas Enders
Thorsten Janke
Ulrich Nörenberg

Software development

Volker Sauer

Technical assistance

Kai Dietrich


Bob Sled
Bruno Baumeister
Duane Marden
George Greenway
Thomas Enders
Thorsten Janke
Ulrich Nörenberg

Lector and translations

Alex Estévez (spanish)
Boris Miggiano (german)
Erick Bouchard (french)
Fran López (spanish)
George Greenway (english)
Kai Dietrich (german)
Lucas Ferraz Castagna (portuguese)
Oriol Carbonell (spanish)
Riccardo Righi (italian)
Sascha Formella (german)
Thomas Thumann (german, english, french)
Volker Sauer (german, english, spanish, french, dutch, italian, portuguese)
William Dwars (dutch)

Former staff

Dennis Kolodzeizik
Boris Wachtmeister
Daniel Warwas
Georges Kesseler

Video producing

Markus Hilgers

Big THANKS go to for supporting us from 2005 to 2013.
Duane Marden for sharing the information stored in the RCDB.
Rainer Ziesche for the spin off during starting period.
Silvia Forghieri and
Bruno Lancetti of for the initial translation into Italian in 2005.
Toon Kockx for the initial translation into Dutch in 2005.
Erick Bouchard of ameworld for administrating the French translation.
Martin Spies for connecting with
Simon Venin for connecting with
Riccardo Righi for administrating the Italian translations from 2012.
Lucas Ferraz for administrating the Portuguese translations from 2012.
William Dwars for administrating the Dutch translations from 2012.


Technical info

Coaster-Count uses SSL only secured connection.
All version 2 (2014) pages (see footer) are full HTML 5 and CSS 3 valid and are claimed for W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Developing time for version 2: 529 hours until 2014-08-08. Date format by international standard ISO 8601.
OpenStreetMaps Coaster-Count is using the OpenStreetMaps server for reverse address coding and the OpenStreetMaps data for generating street maps (c) OpenStreetMap-contributors. Our street maps are based on toner by Stamen Design.
USGS Coaster-Count uses data from the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center of the United States Geological Survey for generating maps.

Version history website

2018-04-19 12:36 - Version 2.3224
2018-03-17 11:03 - Version 2.3218
2018-03-15 14:43 - Version 2.3215
2018-03-08 22:04 - Version 2.3214
2018-03-08 09:52 - Version 2.3213
2018-03-07 14:23 - Version 2.3212
2018-01-17 14:08 - Version 2.3207
2018-01-11 17:09 - Version 2.3206
2017-11-22 15:59 - Version 2.3205
2017-11-16 13:18 - Version 2.3204

Version history app

4.2 in review by apple
4.1 (9756) 2017-06-14
4.0 (9260) 2016-12-16
3.3 (8326) 2016-07-21
3.2 (8216) 2016-06-03
3.1 (8004) 2016-03-31
3.0 (7940) 2016-03-26
2.0 (7112) 2016-01-26
1.1 (6250) 2015-12-10
1.0 (6179) 2015-11-21
0.30 (6160) 2015-11-16
0.29 (5717) 2015-10-14
0.28 (4920) 2015-03-10
0.27 2013-06-18
0.26 2013-06-12
0.24 2013-06-01
0.23 2013-05-20
0.22 2012-12-11
0.21 2012-12-04
0.20 2012-12-01
0.19 2012-11-29
0.17 2012-11-10
0.16 2012-11-08
0.14 2012-11-03
0.13 2012-10-28
0.12 2012-10-24
0.08 2012-10-20
0.06 2012-10-18
0.05 2012-10-14
0.04 2012-10-13
0.03 2012-10-12
0.02 2012-09-22
0.01 2012-08-02

Supported browsers

IE 9+   Firefox 29+   Chrome 34+   Safari 7+   Opera 22+
iOS 4.2+   Android 4.0+   Blackberry 10+   IE Mobile 10+   Opera Mini not supported


Number of coasters in our database: 10993
Number of parks in our database: 5326
Number of funfairs: 2673
Number of location dates of traveling coasters: 1615
Number of countries in our database: 268
Number of continents in our database: Guess how many?
Number of ridden coasters in our database: 1685956
Number of created tours in our database: 11596
Number of steps for these tours in our database: 122059
Number of users in our database: 16956
Those active: 3435
Those hidden: 922
Those inactive for not being here more than 100 days: 13521

Number of friends of our users: 17940
Translated text phrases: 2078

Server, software and access (January 2016)

Server Umgebung: 4 cores, 8 GiB
, SSD, virtualisiert Size of codebase: 853 files / 19,6 MiB (320 Vorlagen, 213 Skripte, remaining static)
Database: 47 tables, 1.5 million records, 93 MiB
Used webspace: 12 GiB

Page hits per day: 2090 (average 1 year)
Page visits per day: 297 (average 1 year)
Session length: 6 minutes (average 1 year)
Number of overall page visits: 286323
Number of overall hits: 30327564

Devices: 60% Desktop, 32% Smartphone, 8% Tablet
Mobile devices: 38% iPhone, 19% iPad, 3% Samung Galaxy, 1% Google Nexus
Desktop devices: 75% Windows, 13% Mac, 2% Linux
Browser: 37% Chrome, 22% Firefiox, 26% Safari, 10% Internet Explorer, 2% Android, 1% Opera

Third party access (API)

Coaster-Count provides an interface (API) to request personal information of specific users to display them on other pages. You can show counts (all, strict, personal) and the current filters of users that grant access for your page. Third party webmasters will find further information in our API ducumentation.


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Coaster-Count Volker Sauer and Thomas Thumann GbR

Falltorstr. 35
64291 Darmstadt

Represented by CEO Thomas Thumann and CTO Volker Sauer.
Phone: +49 209 5130425
Fax: +49 209 5130496

No value-added tax according to Act. 19 of the German VAT code (UStG).

Platform for online dispute settlement at European Union level (Art. 14 Sec. 1 ODR-VO)

List of origins

Used images:
(c) vertyr -
(c) Elena Schweitzer -

Used fonts:
Suntea (c) Atlantic Fonts - MyFonts Webfont Build ID 2846382
Zag (c) Fontfabric - MyFonts Webfont Build ID 2853377

Used icons:
Flag icons by
iOS8 icons by Icons8

Terms of use

As non-traveling coaster data is based on RCDB, here is an extract from RCDB's terms of use:
All data contained in the Roller Coaster DataBase is freely available to anyone with certain limitations. You are encouraged to quote statistics from the database in USENET articles, magazine articles, etc. However, if you use significant amounts of data we do request you to give credit where credit is due. The RCDB grants permission for users to freely distribution the data contained within the Roller Coaster DataBase, providing the following conditions are met:

  • No fee of any kind, however indirect, will be charged for its distribution.
  • Data may not be distributed on CD-ROM or any other physical medium.
  • The data may not be used to construct any kind of on-line database (except for individual personal use).

The data researched by Coaster-Count is freely available to anyone with the same limitations:

  • You may not use the data for commercial purpose.
  • You may not store the data on a physical device.
  • You may not store the data in a database (except for individual personal use).
  • In general, automatic fetching of data from our page is strictly prohibited by local law.

More rules:

  • There is no privilege for using our page. We reserve the right to exclude any user from our service without giving reason.
  • Users who are obviously cheating will be banned from the platform.
  • Users who have not visited Coaster-Count for over 100 days will go inactive and therefore will not be visible on the site. You will be informed before this happens by email.
  • Please bear in mind: Privacy options have no effect on the team.

General terms and conditions

§1 Attainments

For all attainments of Coaster-Count Volker Sauer and Thomas Thumann GbR, Falltorstr. 35, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany, called Coaster-Count below, apply these general terms and conditions. Any other terms of the user will be explicitely refused.

Coaster-Count offers these attainments explicitely to end customers only. An end customer in the meaning of these terms and conditions is a natural person who is concluding an act of law in purpose of neither a commercial practise nor a self-dependend practise.

§2 Offer

The operation of this website is subject to change without notice. It can be used by all persons worldwide without allowance of statutory duty, perpetual, revocable, non transferable. The basic features are free, more features may be ordered with charge.

We reserve the right to exclude persons from our service without declaration of reasons as long as the exclusion is not due to gender, age, ethnic group, religion, philosophy of life, ideology, sexual orientation or disability.

§3 Process of ordering paid content

As an end customer you can order in our shop on the charged features page:

  • Press the checkout button.
  • Login to Paypal, register with Paypal or enter payment data without Paypal account (these options are subject to change without notice by Paypal and cannot be guranted by us).
  • Acknowledge and check our data privacy statement.
  • Acknowledge and check our terms and conditions.
  • Acknowledge and check our return policy.
  • Confirm by pressing the buy button on the form.

§4 Payment

You pay with PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg) only. We get your full name from Paypal which we use only for the bill.

§5 Conclusion of contract

Your order is subject to a mandatory offer to us to conclude a contract. With your order you declare mandatory to buy the charged features. The contract is concluded when we start to process your order. We will confirm the contract by sending you an email with the bill and our terms and conditions.

§6 Storing order information

The order information will be stored for ten years beginning with the order date. A copy of the bill can be found in your account. After the expiry of this legal period for safekeeping we will delete the order information.

§7 Right to withdrawal

The right to withdraw expires when we process our service completely and you have approved to start the service immediately before the right of withdrawal ends.

§8 Prices

All prices are final without value-added tax according to Act. 19 of the German VAT code (UStG). Currency depends on country.

§9 Delivery of orders

The service will be processed and completed immediately after the order is placed, therefore you will get your ordered features without delay.

§10 Liability

All data from our website is without any commitment. Coaster-Count is not responsible for any damege, taken place by using our website.

We will be liable in legal requirements for damage to life, body and health, caused by careless or premeditated breach of duty from us or our assistants.

In case of careless or premeditated breach of duty caused material damage or financial losses we will only be liable in case of essential breach of contract, always limited to the paid amount.

Any further liability is debarred.

§13 Close

Applicable law is the law of Germany, under exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods insofar as there are no binding regulations of the state, which is the main residence of the end customer.

Contractual language is German or English.

Jurisdiction is Darmstadt, Germany.

Privacy policy

Protection of your personal and other sensitive data is our concern. All data storage and procession is subject to the federal data protection act (BDSG) and the broadcast media act (TMG) of Germany.

You may contact us anytime regarding data protection.

Personal data

We try to minimise the collection of personal data. It will only be collected if you enter it during registration or updating your account by choice. It will be stored on a German server without any access by non-European authorities. Besides the data necessary to operate an account (email address, sex and country) all further data (name, date of birth) will only be entered voluntary and is used to customise your account to other users.

Your email address is used only for internal communication, it is not visible and will not be passed to others. Emails will only be sent for the following reasons: You request password recovery. You become inactive. A friend shares a tour with you. Your count drops or rises caused by updated coaster data. Your date of birth will not be displayed to anyone and is only used for calculating your age. In your profile you can set if your data is visible to every one (including guests and spiders), only to registered users or to no-one. Depending on this setting, the following applies:

  • Non registered guests and spiders will see your first name, your country and your age.
  • Registered and logged in users will see your full name, your country and your age.

We will not disclose your personal data to third parties in general. Additionally, we protect it with technical and organisational measures against accidental or intentional loss, destruction, access, modification and disclosure. However, we cannot accept any liability for the destruction, damage or loss of data.

Any other personal data will not be stored. All stored personal data is visible in your profile and you may update or delete your personal information at any time. If you disagree to storing data necessary to operate your account, such as e-mail address, country and sex, let us know. We will delete your account permanently and it is unrecoverable.

None personal data

Our website collects statistical data of users and usage. This collection and processing will help us to improve our web site. A compilation of the statistical data with personal data does not take place.

To operate our website we use cookies and server-side sessions. Cookies are small text files that are placed from our website onto your hard drive, for example to automatically detect your computer on your next visit. Cookies may be rejected by disabling the option in your internet browser. However, you will have to deal with a lack of functions. No personal data is stored in sessions or cookies.

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