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Clubs / organizations / boards / websites

Coaster-Count introduces groups. Every member may assign himself to one or more groups, those will be shown in his or her profile. Ranking for a group and more features will be added in the future.

Currently listed groups



Faszination Achterbahn



Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks e.V.



European Coaster Club

Not listed?

If your group is not yet listed please ask one of the groups administrators to fill out the form below!

Group registration form

Groups are displayed on several places throughout the website with your groups information or just with the group's name. Additionally, we may offer a banner exchange. You can place the Coaster-Count banner on your page and we will list you in the groups section on our About page.

Important: This is not a general link exchange. Please register your group only if you have got a reasonable number of members who are likely to use Coaster-Count!


In your local language.

In your local language.

Rough estimation of your number of members.

Must be an administrator of the group. For internal use as the contact person only.

Must be an email of the above website. For confirmation only.

SVG (preferred) or PNG (width min 400 Pixels)

Do you want to be listed on our About page and put the Coaster-Count banner on your website as well? Further information will be provided in the confirmation email.

I confirm that I am allowed to sign this on behalf of the group / organization / club / board / website. I confirm the information is correct and the image provided is free of third party right. The group grants Coaster-Count an irrevocable right to use the image (maybe scaled) within the Coaster-Count platform.

After submitting this form we will send you a confirmation email. Please reply to this email with an additional confirmation to finish the registration.

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